Meet your hostess

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Meet Your Hostess

Hi!  I’m Sherri.  And I admit I’ve been a food lover since I could walk!  Although my appreciation for fresh ingredients and healthy eating did not develop until I moved out West in the mid 90’s.  I personally am inspired by the ingredients that are at my fingertips.  And I also love to see and taste what edgy food others are devising.  

Through the years, I’ve immersed myself in gardens, the woods, the kitchen, the pantry and in restaurants.  More recently I’ve traveled abroad to learn about other cultures’ cuisines and food customs.  Always with a exuberance for leading a healthy and sumptuous life. 

Guests often ask how I got started giving Portland food tours.  Well, in 2018, I created Portland by Mouth to share my love of ingredients, eating, nutrition, cooking, honoring experimental and creative chefs, culture, travel & creating community around food.  Some of my most favored activities! 

Hopefully my passion will provide you with plenty of pleasure and inspiration.  And I look forward to sharing fabulous company and fabulous food with some of you on one of my Portland food tours.

We love to support our community!

Portland by Mouth is committed to being an extraordinary civic citizen.  Because we love the city of Portland, and want to see it thrive.  And, well, as they say – you need to be in the world what you want to see in the world!

We provide a competitive pay to our guides.  In fact, we pay 28% more than what is currently considered a living wage in Portland.  This way, our guides are happy and excited to lead you on a fabulous food tour.

Our restaurant partners are small businesses and always locally owned.  Portland has so many innovative and enterprising restaurateurs.  And we proudly promote them.

Some food tour companies negotiate prices at restaurants they visit.  Portland by Mouth considers our restaurants to be our partners and we pay full price and tip the servers 20%.  When we visit local shops and give guests an opportunity to pick up a souvenir, we never receive a kickback.  We simply love to show them our support.    

Portland by Mouth donates 1% of our pre-tax profits to Transition Projects, who for the last 53 years, has fulfilled its mission to help individuals experiencing homelessness, transition to being housed.  We also donate food tours to a broad array of auctions that support all types of local causes.

Thank YOU for participating in our tour, and supporting the local community while you taste and learn, and traveling in a responsible and sustainable way!