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Portland Food Tours during the COVID-19 pandemic

I am positive everyone is missing the opportunity to get out and explore the Portland food scene.  Unfortunately, until now, it has been best to stay home.  However, with experience, we are able to implement safe practices and open up the food scene a little bit.  And so, I have tailored the Vibrant Kerns Food Tour with safe practices in place and am happy to invite you to join me in exploring this corner of Portland.  All dining is outside and we practice social distancing and use face coverings as appropriate.  Furthermore, every food tour is private!  Only your family or group of close friends can be on the tour as long as there is a minimum of two people.  So why not come along and join me on a Portland food tour?

Food Tours in Portland, Oregon

Guests often ask how I got started giving Portland food tours.  Well, I created Portland by Mouth to share my love of food, eating, nutrition, cooking, experimental and creative chefs, and culture and travel. Some of my favorite activities! Hopefully my passion will provide you with plenty of pleasure and inspiration.

Portland’s abundant terroir provides the backbone of incredible fresh ingredients for chefs and home cooks alike. Sprinkle in gorgeous geography and liberal, creative people – there are few places that can rival the culinary innovation that has become synonymous with Portland.

When you visit the Rose City, why not join us for a Portland walking food tour.  While we explore Portland’s charming neighborhoods, we will sample culinary delights from an array of local eateries, while learning lots of fun facts about local chefs, Portland history and what makes Oregon special.

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